The Best Ways To Grow Your IG Account

Presently, the Instagram has over 200 million active users, so it becomes surely one of the well known social media networking sites on the web. Having a large number of Instagram followers can be a quite daunting task for your business, which needs to do and gain a lot such as a stronger community for your brand and more views on your blog and so on. In today’s world, there are thousands and thousands of Instagram followers available, so you can easily grow your Instagram account by simply getting a large number of followers. Below are some of the best ways to grow your Instagram account that includes:

Create a theme for your photos

Once you create a nice theme, people will naturally begin to see your username and also check out your account. When you create a theme, you can also add a few words to grab people to associate with your account.

Run a contest

If you have something and would like to give away, you just try to run a contest. If you wish to mingle with other instagrammers, you just try to giveaway a loop.

Encourage the followers to take action

If you ask the people to do something, they are more likely to do it. You can also ask the followers to tag a friend and put some ideas over there. This will encourage the followers to act accordingly.

Figure out what your audience likes

You have to do a little research and go back through your photos to see which one got the most likes and comments. So, you just figure out the one what your audience most likes.

Proven tactics to grow followers on Instagram

To get massive number of followers on Instagram, here are some proven tactics for you to grow followers on your Instagram account that includes:

  • Post your videos and pictures consistently at least one time per day
  • Study and load up on top quality hash tags
  • Make sure to share your user generated account
  • Ask the users or followers to tag a friend
  • Make sure to use the right filters
  • Host a nice photo contest
  • Add some extra things like emojis, which grab the people
  • Cross promote the products or services on other platforms like Twitter, Face book, etc.
  • Try to post more videos with subtitles too
  • Share the love with everyone

Get the best Instagram marketing results?

Instagram is one of the most lucrative social media networks on the internet. Now, there are over 200 million people uses this platform every day than any other social media networks. The major reasons to use this app is due to it’s a huge opportunity as well as a huge audience. It allows the Instagram users to get hash tag in a same way on other networks. You are able to post up to a maximum of 30 hash tags and get a lot of power users. By using the right hash tags, you are able to achieve the best marketing results.