5 Must-Know Social Media Trends This 2017 for Businesses

Last year, there were several new features, brand opportunities, and consumer preferences that changed the social media marketing landscape. And this 2017, new trends were unveiled. Some will surprise you while others are part of the previous trends. But overall, you will surely benefit from them.

So, what are they?

Here’s the 5 must-know social media trends that will give you new business opportunities this year:

  1. Instagram and Facebook’s AI lenses – with the increasing popularity of facial filters or artificial (AI) lenses of Snapchat, the network became more interactive, unique, and engaging. And this inspired other social channels to come up with their own facial filters. For instance, Facebook also assessed its mobile interface facial lenses to keep up with the trend. And with the latest Instagram Stories, AI lenses will continue to be on trend this 2017.
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  2. Chatbots – for better customer care experience, chatbots are now being used by various websites. This is because social messages requiring quick response increased by 18 percent based on the Sprout Social Q2 2016 Index. The respondents in this report included brands that are aiming to get better customer care resources. Hence, they turned to chatbots for faster reply capability. Some of the platforms that use chatbots today are Slack and Facebook Messenger.
  3. Paid content – just last year, the new Instagram algorithm made other social networks use content preferential management. The goal is to help users get the exact content they need through their feeds. However, this is not good for online businesses since they will hardly get their organic social content to appear on users’ feeds. In fact, social media marketers find it really difficult to sustain organic content today due to the changing algorithms of social media platforms. Before, you could simply buy Instagram followers but those days are as good as over. As a result, paid content becomes more popular among brands. This 2017, social media ad spending is projected by Adobe to exceed the 41-billion-dollar record last year.
  4. Business features and analytics – Instagram’s newest feature called Business Tools works the same with Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics. And these current social media trends are leading to the use of native tools in order to meet various needs and demands today. In addition, reporting and analytics features have already been used by C-level executives to extract helpful marketing insights. Business owners and social media marketers are also using them to measure the improvements in each marketing effort they make.
  5. Less automation – and the ultimate social media trend that businesses need to watch out for this 2017 is that brands will be using less automation. Every year, the public is witnessing social media gaffes from various sites that use automated social tools. As a result, a lot of them are now turning to more efficient management tools to help them handle social media marketing campaigns effectively. In reality, automation only creates a robotic experience that users get every time they search for products and services. Marketers need to understand that they want more personal and humanistic way of interaction such as talking to a human admin whenever they have questions regarding the product or service offered on a site.

With a lot of changes going on in the social media landscape today, it’s important to stay up to date with the current trends. And as businesses try to compete with other brands this 2017, it’s practical to consider these social media hypes to know the competitor’s next move. After all, the social industry will continue to change and marketers will always have to deal with them in the future. So, how do you plan to take over this year’s social media marketing landscape?

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